Dental Polishing Machine (Luna Smile)

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100% brand new & high quality

Color:As the picture shows

How to use it:

1. Please squeeze a little bit of toothpaste on the polished rubber head

2. Hold the handle easily with your finger and control the switch

3. Please control the switch and put the polished rubber head on the teeth you need to polish

4. Please use the surface of the tooth that you need to polish

5. Please do not use frequently, if the tooth is found abnormal please stop using as soon as possible

6. Use whitening and Whitening teeth polishing device after the need

7. After using the perfect white tooth polishing device, please clean and put in the Rinse Cup

8. Polishing the rubber head can polish the tooth 50 times

9. We recommend polishing Teeth 1 times a week


1. Please do not put the product into the water

2. Whitening teeth polishing Device can not replace the normal 2 times a day brushing teeth, there is a need to consult the dentist this product is not recommended for children under 12 years of age to use

Package:1* dental polishing machine(Batteries not included)

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