Alloy Wheel Repair Kit

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Repair kit contains complete accessories, allows you to repair damage and scratch in 30 minutes

100% Visbella Brand New and High Quality

Alloy wheel repair kit works on the curb damage,scratches,slight dents, installation damages, sanding marks and other damage to wheel

Added value-vibration,car wash resistant.

Easy resistant to 130C.

Visbella ® DIY alloy wheel repair kit is designed to permanently repair curb damages,

scratches, slight dents, installation damages,sanding marks and other damages to alloy wheels, synthetic wheels, steel rims and hubcaps, and many moreon similar surface material. Kit includes everything you need to fix scuffs and scratches in 30 minutes.


1.Permanent repair

2.Easy maintenance

3.Heat to 130 ° C

4.Resistant to washing

Use effect:dilute the traces of the wheel surface,the vehicle looks more beautiful

Content List:

1x 16gm glue

2x Gloves

2x Alcohol pre-pad

1x Silver Paint

1x Clean cloth

2x Sandpaper

2x Spatula

How to use it:

1.Use the Sandpaper to remove rough edges and unevenness.

2.Clean and dry the surface with alcohol prep pad and clean cloth.

3.Push out the repair resin both cartridges 1:1

4.Mix both components with spatula until you get a consistent grey mass.

5.Use Spatula to fill the mass onto damaged area, (This step is completed within 5 minutes, and the glue will solidify.)allow dry for 15^20 mins.

6.After hardened, use wet sandpaper to accommodate the outline of the repaired surface to get a polished metal surface

7.Clean the polished area with alcohol prep pad

8.Dry the polished area with the cleaning cloth

9.Apply the lacquer by brush, let the paint dry for at least 12 hours before driving your car.


1.Flammable & Harmful

2.Keep out of reach of children

3.Avoid breathing vapors.Use only in weH-ventilated area.Skin and eye irritant! Wash skin thoroughly with soap and water immediately.In case of eye contact, flush with water for 15 minutes.If irritation, consult a doctor


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