Zipper Lock

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Short Code: SID8

Product details of Travel Star Zipper Lock Classic Practical 3 Digit Password Combination Password Lock Zinc Alloy Small Anti-theft Padlock for Backpack, Travel Luggage, School Gym Locker, Baggage Suitcase, Filing Cabinets, Toolbox, Shoulder Bag (Buy 10 Free Shipping)

Set your own password combination convenience.

Hardened material for superior cut resistance.

Resettable combination allows for personalization.

3-digit dialing allows for different combinations.

Type: Password Lock.

How to use:

You can set your own cipher as follows:

1. Press down the button with sharp tool, hold the position until next step 3 is finished,

2. Turn the character wheels to set your personal combination,

3. Release the button, now your private combination is set,

4. Remember well your new combination. If you want to change it again, please repeat.

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