WiFi Camera

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1. High Definition and 110 wide angle

? see the smiling faces clearly from your family.

? With zoom (up to 4x) function.

2. UP to 7m night vision

3. 2-way real time smooth communication

4. Face Recognition

? Identify your family members with high accuracy, and push the real time message to your phone.

5. Body Determination

? Monitor the changes and identify the people passing by the camera, send you alerts in time when unusual action happened.

6. Crying Detection

? 360 smart camera will 24/7 automatically send the notification to your phone when detecting crying, timely deliver the babies words to theirs parents.

Monitor and control your home anytime, anywhere with App on mobile or PC, feel like you are at home. Quickly connect with your family with a responsive and advanced microphone featuring a built-in anti-noise filter for a super clear 2-way Audio and video chat experience.

720p HD to capture clear images for your records. A clear smile face will be recorded easily. 4 HD lens, 110° wide-angle,1280*800 resolution, Advanced night vision with up to 10 meters of viewing range.

Real-time streaming to your phone & activity alerts when motion is detected. App allows you to customize your settings according to your preferences(like baby crying etc, new people coming). Available for iOS and Android.

Ability of getting back on the network after a power loss. Secure your videos on a Micro TF card, and also on cloud.Encryption on video data, offer bank-level security for your privacy.

Easy to install and use, WIFi strong and stable. APP allows to add your family

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