Rechargeable Camping Light

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6 LED's give out a bright light

Solar powered

Easy to carry handle

Can be used to charge your mobile phone

Can be used as a lantern or a torch


Color: Black

Length: 13.5cm

Width: 9.3cm

Number of LEDs: 6

Power: DC current or solar powered

Light Up Your Surrounding Completely With This Lantern Wherever You Are In Dark And You Will Love Yourself For Buying It

Designed In A Perfect Way, This Lantern Will Prove To Be Extremely Beneficial To You

So, Go Ahead With It And Get Work Done In Minutes Even When You In Dark

Great Adventures With Great Lightning Devices Makes You Better Joy!

So, Use This Rechargeable Camping Light Lamp 8 Led G85 For Outdoor Purposes

Lantern Type Pattern With Rechargeable Plug, Solar Sources And Battery Partition Giving You Much More Valuable Experiences!

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