Lighter Watch

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* no gas needed

* USB rechargeable

* Powered by Li-ion battery with circuit protection

* Wind proof and easy ignition

* Safe, reliable, convenient and environmental friendly

Lithium battery provides energy to make it quickly lit cigarettes,won't be affected by the external environment.

Do not remove battery. Keep away from water, the product is not water-proof

Don't drop the circuit protection device

Don't connect it with computer for more than 3 hours

Charge fully before using the first time.

Do not store near heating sources. Keep away from open flames, battery may explode

Recommended to turn on lighter for 4-5 seconds when using, this will prolong product’s lifetime.

Charge 2 hours, can be used about 300 times, life: rechargeable 300-500 times.

If the ignition in ash please put down, or blow it, do not clean up with a hard object, avoid getting off the heating wire, Heating wire won't burn out, please be assured that use

This cigarette lighter comes with a USB charging interface, USB model, don't have U disk storage function.

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