Digital Weight Scale

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100% Brand New and High Quality !


1. Large LCD font display, clearer readings

2. Precision sensor, stable quality, more accurate weighing

3. Unique weighing strap design, more convenient weighing

4. A variety of measurement units to convert as desired, KG (kg), lb (lbs)

5. Large weighing: 40KG, scale: 100g, weighing: 1KG

6. Exquisite and compact, easy to carry


Power: 1*CR2032 button battery

Color: Black

Material: plastic case + electronic components

1. The electronic scale presses the power button on and off in any state.

2. In the power on state, long press the ON/OFF button to enter the unit conversion mode.

3. Peeling: In the weighing mode, press the ON/OFF button to peel

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