Endoscope Camera

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Short Code: 1T5L

new and high quality Endoscope features a lot of functions in our life. If you

have android phone, this endoscope can be used everywhere and every time you

want with build in a control button, can capture a image and take a video, and

the photos and video file will stored directly in your Android mobile phone,

the whole process of record check, convenient observation and follow-up

Ideal for

intraoral camera system, underwater camera, waterproof Micro-cameras, motor

vehicle detector, sewer pipeline detector, search and rescue, criminal and

custom detector, archaeological detect, the PCB detection, home care, aviation

and space industries, care and tractors industries, petroleum drilling

industries, constructions and so on. With a micro to USB line, it can also be

used for computers which is applicable for Android Phone PC and Notebook Devices

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