Sanoda Venivel Kasthuri Saffron Day & Night Face Cream

Short Code: CPEP

Results: It’s an ideal cream for skin nourishment and gives soft shining golden colour. It removes pimples, black spots and discolouring of skin and strengthen the skin. Prevents from hoarse of skin, scars and cavities also cures change of skin colour and brown spots. It stops skin harmful things and protects your skin from the sun rays and nourish for long time and gives softness to the skin. It removes discolouring of under arms and secret areas. Applicable for whole body.

Directions for use and ingredients: Containing Aloe Vera, Venivel, Kasthuri Saffron, Kokum peels, Suwanda Kottan, Velmadata, Sandalwood, Senna flowers, dried Jasmine flowers, pollen of Na flowers, pollen of Lotus flowers and other medicinal compounds. Sanoda Herbal Day & Night Face Cream can be used both males and females. After cleanse the skin apply it on your face and body with finger tips smoothly. After you wash your face, every time apply and allow it for 24 hours.

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