Sanoda Kunkumadi Herbal Fragrant Soap

Short Code: XSXU

Produced with Aloe Vera, Citron, Nelli, Tulasi, Kee kirindiya with mixture of over 60 items of herbs and inclusive of Kunkumadi oil, Kumari oil, Neelayadi oil, Sarvavishadi oil. It’s good for the head and skin of children and adults alike. The herbal essence used by the damsels during the time of our kings are found in the Sanoda herbal fragrant soap.

Directions for use: To benefit well from the kunkumadi herbal fragrant soap, you need to apply it from head to feet while taking a bath and wash well wipe the soap away and apply Sanoda Komarika Kee kirindiya Herbal Hair & Full Body Conditioner on your head & body. After 05 minutes wash away it slightly, then the medicinal properties promoting the healthiness and beauty of your head and skin linger on.

Results: Using it daily at bathing cures dandruff, losing of hair, splitting of hair end, premature graying, discolouring of hair and guarantees healthy black hair and a cooling healthy effect for your head & skin and healing all kinds of head ailments. It eliminates all skin disorders by curing eczema, rashes, itching due to sweat. It nourishes your hair, eliminating infections due to germs, preserves moisture of your head and skin and gives a fresh and cooling effect to your body and bright, shining hair.

Note: After opening the pack keep it in a box of soap.

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