Sanoda Herbal Swarnalepaya

Short Code: D3P9

This Superb aromatic cream is very good for the massage and medicinal compounds of a celestial nature is ideal for any skin. Herbal Swarnalepaya can be applied and massage entire body daily on any occasion and it’s medicinal qualities prevents skin ailments, scars and patches, shrinking, cracking of skin, rashes, eliminates dryness of skin and nourishes your skin and ensures a bright and attractive body and rejuvenates you, adding a healthy effect to your body life time. Herbal Swarnalepaya containing ghee, Gingelly oil, Castor oil, Sandalwood Oil, Welmadata, Iramusu, Velmi, Milk and a variety of medicinal drugs according to a traditional indigenous recipe is very good for healthy shining bright skin. It promptly cures stretch marks on the stomach, hands & legs of mothers after delivery.

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