Sanoda Chandanadi Herbal Fragrant Soap (45g)

Short Code: QV5H

Produced with Komarika, Citron, Nelli, Tulasi, Keekirindiya, Kokum peels, Kasthuri Saffron, Sandalwood, Welmadata, Kalanduru tubers, Wadakaha, SuwandaKottan, Venivel with mixture of over 60 items of herbs and inclusive of Cinnamon oil, Sandalwood oil, Pinda oil. It’s good for the skin of children and adults alike.

Directions for use: Can be used for wash, face and body. To get the best from the Chandanadi herbal fragrant soap, dampen your face well every time you wash your face in the morning and night, rub your face well with the soap it self, dampen your hands and apply soap on face and around the neck. Wash after 10 minutes.

Results: By using Chandanadi herbal soap every time you wash your face and body, it’s medicinal qualities ensures a healthy skin and enhances your beauty. As soon as you apply soap, you feel a slight pain as the medicine absorbs the by-products in pimples, scars and hair. Daily use eliminates pimples, skin ailments, scars, eczema, blackening and cracking of skin, blackening around the eyes and rashes, bad odour and itching due to sweat. It promptly cures stretch marks on the stomach of mothers after delivery. It prevents all skin infections and protects moisture of the skin and ensures a bright skin. It enhances your beauty every day and invigorates you throughout the day.

Note: After opened the pack keep it in a box of soap and avoid wash the soap after used.

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