Sanoda Venivel Iramusu Herbal Face Scrub

Short Code: M4SV

Since over 100 years Sri Lankan beautiful damsels maintain their beauty by using natural herbal essence such as Sandal, Kokum, Venivel, Iramusu, pollen of Na flowers, pollen of Lotus flowers, dried Jasmine flowers, Ranawara flowers etc. Sanoda herbal scrub containing above natural medicinal with other medicinal compounds and it includes Sanoda secrets and produced to use both males and females.

Directions for use: Take the quantity needed into a saucer and mix well with a little water. Dampen your face and apply the Scrub on your face and massage with finger tips for about 08 minutes and wash after 20 minutes and apply Sanoda Komarika Venivel Face Mask.

Results: By using Sanoda herbal scrub, completely removes discoloring and hoarseness of skin, dead skin cells and ensures healthy, bright, smooth, pure, shine, newly skin and gives a young looking appearance.

Face Scrub and Face Mask have to use once a week only.

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