Sanoda Chandraprabha Herbal Facial Pack

Short Code: ZB7P

Produced with Sandalwood, Kokum peels, Kasturisaffron, Venivel, Vadakaha, Kaladuru tubers, SuwandaKottan, Velmadata and other medicinal compounds of a celestial nature, is ideal for any skin. Amazingly good for your face and a healthy skin. It can be used by both males and females.

Directions for use: Sanoda Chandraprabha herbal facial pack can be used any time of the day. Take the quantity needed from the facial pack into a saucer and mix well with a little water for a better application. Prior to apply wash your face well and wipe, after that apply the facial pack well on your face, around eyes and the neck area. While applying, you get a slight pain and then your face heats up. Finally, the medicine absorbs the pimples, scars and by-products in your hair. When the application is well dried, after 01 hour wash your face without soap. Wipe your face and after 10 minutes apply any suitable cream of Sanoda.

Results: Daily use removes excess oil, dirt, dead skin cells from your face and eliminates pimples and scars. It also cures shrinking and aging of skin, blackening around the eyes and discolouring and infections due to germs. It cleans your face well and gives a golden colour.

Special: Use daily until disappear pimples on your face. After they disappear, use it regularly every other day until disappear black spots, scars and cavities on your face. When the pimples and scars completely disappear and the face brightens up, use it twice a week to avoid re-emergence of pimples and other infections. Sanoda Chandraprabha herbal facial pack is ideal for a face resembling the moon.

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