Nespresso Compatible Capsule Toscana Ceylon

Short Code: 3FAM

Nespresso Compatible Capsule Toscana Ceylon 5g x 10 Pcs Pack
Toscana Ceylon is for serious coffee lovers — it is a brand of coffee that cares for you and the environment.

Sourced from the little island of Sri Lanka, Toscana Ceylon stands for coffee with emotions. We connect with coffee connoisseurs by letting them experience the real taste of coffee extracted from 100% Arabica beans.

Our harvesting process stays clears of artificial additions and involves a refined picking process that gravitates towards bright-red coffee cherries and medium roast beans. By ensuring the quality at grassroot level, we are consistently able to lock in the right amount of goodness that can be soothing to coffee lovers’ tastebuds.

The purpose of Toscana doesn’t end there, we are also committed to improving the industry standards by connecting with our local farmers by making sure they have the resources to cultivate high-quality products while elevating the status of their livelihood. Toscana Ceylon is dedicated to shaping lives for better around coffee, it’s the coffee that cares.

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