IQ Tests for Children and Adults

Posted by Ravinda Bulathgama - February 11, 2020 ⋅ Colombo , Colombo 5
Short Code: RSP5

For parents who are planning a career or higher education for their children ,an IQ test will be an invaluable tool for determining what sort of a career path they can follow. It will tell you what the strong points of a child are, and what needs extra attention,and also determine whether the child is left-brain or right brain oriented. We live in a left-brain dominated society, and most educational systems are planned for them. Any child finding traditional school education hard to follow may be right brain oriented.
For a IQ test of your child, please call and make an appointment. The test duration is 45 minutes, and we usually take about 15 mts - 30 mts to talk to the child and the parents. At least one parent should accompany the child for this explanatory discussion.

Short Code: RSP5