Symphony Air Cooler ( Diet 12i )

Posted - December 02, 2021 ⋅ Kandy , Kandy
Short Code: JMTY

Name:- Symphony Air Cooler - DiET 12i
Model:- Symphony Air Cooler - DiET 12i
Tank Capacity:- 12 L
For Rooms upto:- 28m³/ 1000ft³
Engineering Plastic (Blower / fan) :- Blower
Speed Control:- 3 Speeds
Auto Louver Movement:- Yes
Timer:- 7hrs
Ice Chamber:- Yes
Mosquito Net / Dust Filter:- Yes
Cool Flow Dispenser:- No
Empty Tank Alarm:- No
Cooling Media;- High Efficiency Honeycomb Pad
Remote Control:- Yes
Power/Wattage:- 95 W, Less Electricity, Works On Inventer
Power Requirements (Voltage/Frequency):- 230V / 50HZ, 220V / 60HZ, 110V / 60HZ
Weight:- 7.7 Kg
Other Information:- Diet 12i functions less electricity wastage. It performs silently, powerfulair blower. Easy in storing and works with high efficiency. Usable for both indoorsand outdoors, auto swing technology. Feather touch digital control panel. Environmental friendly with Multi stage Air Purification.

Short Code: JMTY