Portable Home Power Back up System

Posted - May 23, 2019 ⋅ Colombo
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Fianlly ! No need to fear power cuts anymore -  if you have purchased a TAITO home power back up system because It will last for 4-5 hours minimum +100% Noise free.


Say goodbye to power cuts :) :). 


The TAITO Portable Home Power Back up System is ideal for Home use / Small shops / Saloons / Restaurants / Class rooms / Aquariums in case of power failure. This can also be attached to Solar Panels in order to save on the monthly electricity bill. Also can be used for parties / functions / Trips / Camps / events / meetings.

TAITO home power back up system are Fully Trustworthy + it comes with a backup battery, Warranty, on site After Sales service 


Hurry and grab this offer for a TAITO home power back up system and save your time and energy. We have limited stock 


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