Wire Stripper WX700B

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Product details of Wire Stripper WX700B

Handle Material: Plastic
Features: Strips Wires Clean With One Easy Squeeze, Up to a full 7/8". Strips Solid Or Stranded Wire, Blades Cut Insulation Without Nicking Conductor, Jaws Open Automatically To Remove Wire Without Crushing Ends
Application: Wire Stripping

This is a WX series cable stripper, which is an electrician tool and is suitable for peeling the external layer
foreskin of a cable, comprising a knife frame, a knife blade arranged in the knife frame, a fixing and regulating mechanism for the knife blade, a tailstock connected with the knife frame, etc. The cable stripper has reasonable structure, and the peeled cable thread end is orderly. The utility model has convenient operation, is labor saving and safe and can not damage cable wires and human bodies

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